The CERB is about to run out, and Employment Insurance is not prepared to support Canada’s workers.

Unifor knows that the federal government is already investigating making changes to the EI system, because they know that time is running out.

That’s why today, we’re encouraging members to speak up and make sure the government makes the right decision.

Unifor has launched a new tool where you can click to call Minister Qualtrough’s office directly.

Visit to make your voice heard.

EI rules must be changed to include more workers, deliver better financial support, and make the process faster, and these changes must be permanent.

Even before this crisis, the EI system had been pruned so only 40% of Canada’s workers are even eligible for regular EI benefits. We have a chance now to make lasting changes to EI, for the better.

A stronger EI system will benefit more workers, and help stabilize the economy against future shocks. It is up to everyone to fix this vital service for workers today, and for the next generation. It’s clear that this program needs to be changed, dramatically.

Before the CERB runs out, we need to build a better income protection system for workers who lose work through no fault of their own. In order to build that system, Canada’s workers must speak up, and tell the government what we need.