BIWOC Membership Meeting

Sunday, Jan, 15, 2023, 2:00 to 3:30pm

Coffee Culture, 60 Salem Rd. Ajax

All members and allies are welcome. This is a safe space for members to be heard in a confidential and respectful setting. No disrespectful behavior will be tolerated at these meetings.

What does BIWOC stand for? Black, Indigenous & Workers Of Colour

What is our history?

In 2015 Local 222 and Local 1090 started a combined Aboriginal & Workers of Colour Committee that held meetings and addressed issues that adversely affect these workers disproportionately, including discrimination, workplace hiring practices, union activism and any other work-related issues. Also discussed were related union education seminars and events like the Day to End Racial Discrimination in March.

How Can I Be An Ally?

You can be an ally by attending meetings and adding positive input but also by giving respect and allowing members to discuss issues with confidence that the meeting is a safe space. We look forward to greeting new members and allies, as our committee approaches a new chapter in Local 222.

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