Bargaining Update #8

Unifor members,

Bargaining took place throughout this past Thanksgiving Day weekend. Master and Local Committees stayed in the hotel and worked diligently toward resolving many of the outstanding issues at the table. The Committees remain determined to reach a strong settlement that secures the FCA manufacturing footprint and meets the economic pattern established by Ford.

In the last Bargaining Update, the union reported slow but steady progress toward a tentative settlement. Unfortunately, with less than 48 hours before the strike deadline, little has changed.

In fact, FCA continues to challenge the union on key elements of the pattern agreement, including on items relating to wages and lump sums, health care benefits and other matters. The Union continues to wait for firm commitments on facility investments and product allocations, and National President Jerry Dias is in regular discussion with FCA executives in Auburn Hills on this.

As talks enter the final phase, the Committees remain hopeful that we will reach a tentative settlement by the deadline. However, if FCA continues to push back on the pattern and refuses to deliver concrete investment commitments, the likelihood of job action as of midnight on October 15 grows.

Next steps

The Union is encouraging members to be prepared if strike action becomes necessary.

If a tentative settlement is reached, information will be posted at Please continue to check that web page regularly for updates.

Plans remain in place for online ratification/information meetings to take place on Sunday October 18, 2020. Further information will be sent directly to members with respect to registration and online voting, so please stay tuned.

The union will continue to report on progress of talks with members over next 36 hours, and will relay as much information on the status of talks as possible. Our objective is to be as open and transparent with members as possible, without undermining the integrity of the bargaining process. Please stay tuned for further updates.