Unifor Local 222 supports the movement for racial equality and justice. This has
been a fundamental principle of the labour movement since its founding. We
believe in solidarity and mutual support in the interest of all workers, and reject all
discrimination that divides and weakens us. Over a century ago, unionists proudly
declared “An injury to one, is an injury to all”.

The Durham Black Accountability Coalition (DBAC) is a community group
working to address systemic anti-Black racism and ensure that real, tangible steps
are taken to achieve justice and equality. Their work includes a petition already
signed by over 15,000 residents to reallocate financial resources from the Durham
Regional Police Services to better equip mental health response teams and
alternative community-centered programming.

Words of solidarity are important, but they are not enough. Unifor Local 222
supports the work of the DBAC.

In Solidarity,
Executive Board
Unifor Local 222

Durham Black Accountability Coalition