Unifor Local 88 members working at GM CAMI Assembly in Ingersoll ratified an Agreement by 85.9 per cent and Trades by 78.7 per cent. Unifor Local 88 members attended local ratification meeting October 16 in London and voted to ratify a four-year contract.

The new Agreement provides for wage increases, improvements to the new hire program, lump sum payments, improvement to benefits and increases the level of job security.

Mike Van Boekel, Unifor Local 88 Chairperson GM CAMI, said “This new collective agreement is a testament to the membership standing together to fight for the future of auto and our communities.”

Negotiations were about the future generation and progress was made. This would not have happened without a strong and united membership giving its full support to our bargaining committee.

“The entire community, Unions and many other groups and individuals showed a tremendous amount of support during the 4 week strike on a daily basis, we say thank you,” said Dan Borthwick, Unifor Local 88 President.

For more details and background information, go to http://unifor88.ca/bargaining-2017

View the CAMI Ratification Brochure HERE.