Oshawa and Eastern Ontario  

Area Skilled Trades Council  


Due to the ongoing circumstances regarding COVID-19, we will not be  having our Oshawa and Eastern Ontario Area Skilled Trades Council  meetings until further notice.  

However, we still need to have our Tri-Annual Executive Elections as laid  out in our bylaws. The Executive have discussed this, and we have concluded  that the nomination process will be done by email. 

We request that you submit your name and the position that you are  interested in by emailing Dan Bonchek, Financial Secretary-Treasurer of  the Oshawa and Eastern Ontario Area Skilled Trades Council, on or before  Friday, November 6, 2020 by 5:00 pm at waterpest.9898@gmail.com . No nominations will be accepted for Executive officers unless the nominee  has been a member in good standing for one year and presently holds a Unifor or UAW/CAW Journeyperson card, as required by our bylaws.


  1. Chairperson (1) 
  2. Vice-Chairperson (1) 
  3. Financial Secretary-Treasurer (1) 
  4. Recording Secretary (1) 
  5. Journeyperson Card Chair (1) 
  6. Trustees (2) 

In Solidarity, 

Oshawa and Eastern Ontario Area  

Skilled Trades Council Executive

OAEOASTC 2020 Election notice